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Airport Pickup (Jiuzhaigou Huanglong airport)

 (price of 4-seat /6-seat vehicle)

【Airport pickup】

Airport pickup (Huanglong airport) --> Jiuzhaigou --------------------------------------------------- RMB¥200/  RMB¥300​

【Airport pickup + Huanglong】

Airport pickup (Huanglong airport) --> Huanglong national park --> Jiuzhaigou ----------------- RMB¥400/  RMB¥550​


【Airport pickup + Ruoergai Liandaoba Grassland】

Airport pickup (Huanglong airport) --> Ruoergai (Liandaoba Grassland) --> Jiuzhaigou --------- RMB¥350/  RMB¥500​

【Airport pickup + Songpan】

Airport pickup (Huanglong airport) --> Songpan Ancient city --> Jiuzhaigou ---------------------- RMB¥400/  RMB¥550​

【Airport pickup + Fairy Pool (Neng'en Sangcuo)】

Airport pickup (Huanglong airport) --> Fairy Pool --> Jiuzhaigou --------------------------------- RMB¥500/  RMB¥650​


Airport Dropoff (Jiuzhaigou Huanglong airport)

 (price of 4-seat /6-seat vehicle)

【Airport dropoff】

Jiuzhaigou --> Airport dropoff (Huanglong airport)----------------------------------------------------- RMB¥200/  RMB¥300​

【Airport dropoff + Huanglong】

Jiuzhaigou --> Huanglong national park --> Airport dropoff (Huanglong airport) ------------------ RMB¥400/  RMB¥550​

【Airport dropoff + Ruoergai Liandaoba Grassland】

Jiuzhaigou --> Ruoergai (Liandaoba Grassland) --> Airport dropoff (Huanglong airport) --------- RMB¥350/  RMB¥500​

【Airport dropoff + Songpan】

Jiuzhaigou --> Songpan Ancient city --> Airport dropoff (Huanglong airport) --------------------- RMB¥400/  RMB¥550​


【Airport dropoff + Fairy Pool (Neng'en Sangcuo)】

Jiuzhaigou --> Fairy Pool --> Airport dropoff (Huanglong airport) ---------------------------------- RMB¥500/  RMB¥650​

From Jiuzhaigou

 (price of 4-seat /6-seat vehicle)

【Huanglong National Park】

Jiuzhaigou -->Huanglong national park --> Jiuzhaigou ------------------------------------------------ RMB¥350/  RMB¥550​

【Songpan Ancient City】

Jiuzhaigou --> Songpan Ancient City --> Jiuzhaigou -------------------------------------------------- RMB¥400/  RMB¥550​

【Ruoergai Liandaoba Grassland】

Jiuzhaigou --> Ruoergai (Liandaoba Grassland) --> Airport dropoff (Huanglong airport) --------- RMB¥350/  RMB¥500​

【Fairy pool (Neng'en Sangcuo)】

Jiuzhaigou --> Fairy pool --> Jiuzhaigou --------------------------------------------------------------- RMB¥350/  RMB¥550​

Jiuzhaigou <--> Chengdu

【Jiuzhaigou -> Songpan -> Chengdu】

Jiuzhaigou --> Songpan Ancient City --> Chengdu ----------------------------------------------------------------- RMB¥1000


【Jiuzhaigou -> Huanglong -> Songpan -> Chengdu】

Jiuzhaigou --> Huanglong National park --> Songpan Ancient City --> Chengdu ------------------------------ RMB¥1400

【Chengdu -> Songpan -> Jiuzhaigou】

Chengdu --> Songpan Ancient City --> Jiuzhaigou ----------------------------------------------------------------- RMB¥1000

【Chengdu -> Songpan -> Chengdu】

Chengdu --> Songpan Ancient City --> Huanglong National Park --> Chengdu -------------------------------- RMB¥1400


1. Please contact us asap if you have to change or cancel the transportation service.

2. No extra cost would be charged for any flight delay.Please contact us for any updated news for your flight if there is any delayed flight. 

3.  If your flight will arrive before noon, we would recommend you to arrange a taxi to pick you up from the Huanglong airport and to Huanglong national park. The driver will wait you there and you could leave the luggage on the taxi. Then you could take the same taxi to your hotel. 

4. The taxi driver will hold a name card to wait for you at the airport for airport pickup.

5. You can pay the fee to the driver directly by cash when you arrive the final destination. 

6. Price may be adjusted in peak season, please contact us for details.

7. Please feel free to contact us if you want to go any other customised route.


Phone / Wehat / whatsapp: +86-17781309519

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